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adding a sub-component as a participant in an assembly feature in iLogic/API

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04-27-2011 10:54 AM

Is there a trick to making a sub-component participate in a feature (ExtrudeFeature, SweepFeature, etc.)?


I've tried using the SweepFeature.AddParticipant(ComponentOccurrence) and ExtrudeFeature(ComponentOccurrence) functions, and both work fine when the ComponentOcurrence is a direct component of the assembly.


However, if I explode down another level, and pass in a ComponentOccurrence for a sub-component, I get an INVALID_ARG error.


I can do this manually in the Inventor model browser.


I worked around the problem by collapsing the assembly structure, but now my customer is pressing me "to do it right".


If necessary, I'll reconstruct a the code snippet that was failing.


Any help is appreciated.  thanks

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Re: adding a sub-component as a participant in an assembly feature in iLogic/API

04-27-2011 11:55 PM in reply to: MikeGillam5072

Below sample will show how to implement it:


Sub AddParticipantSample()
    ' New an assembly, place a sub-assembly which has two occurrences
    ' create an extrude feature on the first occurrence of the sub-assembly
    Dim oDoc As AssemblyDocument
    Set oDoc = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument
    Dim oExtrude As ExtrudeFeature
    Set oExtrude = oDoc.ComponentDefinition.Features.ExtrudeFeatures(1)
    Dim oOcc As ComponentOccurrence
    Set oOcc = oDoc.ComponentDefinition.Occurrences(1)
    Dim oSubOccProxy As ComponentOccurrenceProxy
    oOcc.CreateGeometryProxy oOcc.SubOccurrences(2), oSubOccProxy
    oExtrude.AddParticipant oSubOccProxy
End Sub

 You may want to see a topic in API document titled "Introduction to proxies", it will explain the concept of proxy. Hope this helps.

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