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AddIn Cache?

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05-01-2012 01:11 AM



since a few days I'm running into a very strange problem:

I wrote an AddIn for Inventor 2011 (x64) which works fine. This AddIn uses an "external" class library named config.dll which is for configuration. Usually when changing some code I just replace the config.dll. No Problem by months. Since a few days newer config.dll is ignored. Even when I replace config.dll with a file containing rubbish, the old config.dll is loaded. From where???? This drives me crazy.



Win 7 (64), Inventor (64), "old" register method using regasm.exe


Thanks for help.





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Re: AddIn Cache?

05-01-2012 09:55 AM in reply to: C-Hoppen

A few minutes ago I DELETED the config.dll, but my AddIn still starts propertly and runs the old config code. :smileyfrustrated:

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