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Installation & Licensing

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'You have already activated your product..."

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06-15-2013 04:01 AM

Hey there, so recently I spent a hefty amouunt of money on a new computer - believing I can actually run Maya on it!

I have previously loaded it onto 2 machines. 1 worked, the other failed to work and the help team did nothing but ask me for money!

I am trying to get the student edition, but I'm being told that I have exceeded the lisence error! I currently have Maya working on a single computer - which is far too slow and small to run it. Last night I uninstalled it off the PC which it didn't work on, and it said there was a lisencing error on it.

Since it's nearly impossible to get to the help tea now, and the 'Autodesk Ask' feature is sending me in circles. I turn to you, the lovely community.


I have the option to complete a "Customer Service Request", but when I click that option I get a script error.

I'm really disappointed, and really hoped I'd get Maya on this computer for my college work. I plan to keep trying till I get it - whatever it takes.

You can see my error message completely below:



Activation Limit Reached. You have already activated your product on the maximum number of computers permitted by your license.
If you would like an Autodesk customer service agent to manually review your activation history, please complete a Customer Service Request.
(Error: 10)

Customer Service
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Re: 'You have already activated your product..."

06-16-2013 07:49 PM in reply to: natnatb

Hi natnatb, 


Indeed if you activate a License to more machines than is allowable, then you would encounter the error message mentioned in this post. 


But just to be clear on the end result here, you wanted to install and activate your Student License to another machine which is compatible with the Product, is that correct? If so, send me a Private Message (click on the envelope next to your profile at the top of the page, Compose New Message, and then enter my joane.bonghanoy profile name) with your Serial Number and Request Code



Joane Bonghanoy
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