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Installation & Licensing

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Windows Easy Transfer tool broken licenses

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12-19-2012 01:19 PM

I restored my computer using a backup made from the Windows Easy Transfer tool and I've run into a number of problems. in the case of Maya I can't seem to install it and get anything working; I can't even get the trial option to work. I know part of the problem is that this is new hardware, the second part I'm pretty sure is that there is leftover datat both transferred/missing that prevents Maya from registering correctly on my system.


After recovering the backup I was a bit surprised that the program didn't appear on the add/remove program list (W7 x64) and after trying the uninstaller in the Maya folder I got errors so I tried manually deleting the components of the program; deleting the Autodesk folder from both Program Files and Program Data and trying to do a "clean" install but afterwards I didn't even get the option to enter licensing information or accept a trial period. this licensing error pops up


[output window]

License problem in GUI mode launch dialog message


[dialog window]
License was not obtained

Tried Maya 2011 (657C1.2011.0.0.1), error 41


License method

environment variable MAYA_LICENSE_METHOD='standalone'


License file override

environment variable MAYA_ALT_EN is not set


The install trouble shooting process I've fallowed so far is to zero in on the problem so I've been concentrating on installing Maya only without the rest of the packages (backburner,composite,documentation server etc)


after each install I've checked my license.env file and its pretty consistant reading (copy/paste)




I'm considering doing another full format and using some lessons I learned from the process to prevent this problem (such as Windows Transfer tool disregards files/programs that are already installed) but I'd like to avoid that since I've already done the 5 hours of windows updates to get my system current.


can someone help me get this straightened out?




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Re: Windows Easy Transfer tool broken licenses

12-19-2012 01:59 PM in reply to: Ryokukitsune

You're probably going to have to search for the licensing and remove it manually.  It's likely in a ProgramData/Flexnet or ADLM hidden folder.  Image backups to dissimilar hardware will always break stand-alone licensing.  :smileysad:

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Re: Windows Easy Transfer tool broken licenses

12-19-2012 03:21 PM in reply to: TravisNave

Honestly I knew that from the start. I did it a few weeks ago when I found out about the tool and had every intention of deactivating Maya before I committed to a format. Unfortunately I messed up my partition tables so bad I couldn't boot my computer so I decided to do an overdue upgrade so I could take advantage of DDR3 RAM and more than my previous 4 gigs, I digress though.


That fixed the issue. The licensing window came up after I did a reinstall. It's not giving me the option of using the 30 day trial but that’s cool, now I just have to update my student license to work on this build and everything should be golden.


Thanks for the quick response too!

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