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Windows 8 - but not what you're thinking

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11-15-2012 01:04 PM

Windows 8 has been out for, what, a month or two now (NO, I don't count the pre-releases.  Until its officially released anything can change.).  There seems to be a rush to get everything installed on this new OS, even if discounting those who purchased new laptops with Win8 pre-loaded.  Common sense says the OS is critical, so it should be tested thoroughly and all required applications must run properly on it.  That takes time, more than has passed since Win8 was released.  And most applications have been released *prior* to Win8 so officially aren't supported and will likely never run properly.


And so I ask: What is the big rush?

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Re: Windows 8 - but not what you're thinking

11-15-2012 01:10 PM in reply to: dgorsman

It was the same with Vista and Windows 7.  People need to realize that come spring, the 2014 line will work for Windows 8.  Some of the 2013 product line *may* be retroactively compatible.  But I am with you on this.  We will not be moving forward with Windows 8.  So I don't see the rush. 

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