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Installation & Licensing

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Upgrade PC Autocad LT 2010 to Autocad LT 2013 Mac Version

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04-19-2013 08:22 AM

I have noted that it appears to be possible to download a Mac Version of Autocad LT 2013 for MAC as an upgrade on AUTODESK website but I have a full PC AUTOCAD LT 2010 license. As I will be downloading an upgrade version what happens on install does it ask for a previous MAC license or willl my Windows PC Autocad LT 2010 be acceptable or do I have to go through a UK Reseller?

I am happy to do the latter but Autodesk electronic download price is very good at present.

Also what happens to my intended version of AUTOCAD LT 2013 Mac when the 2014 finally gets realeased in the UK as you are not able to download this version in the UK at present.


I would like to start using my Mac version assuming I can sort out the upgrade cross platform issue asap following download from Website. I did speak wiith my UK supplier and they are over £145 dearer on upgrade than AUTODESK WEB SITE IN THE UK is quoting. I am just worried about the license transfer issue.

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Re: Upgrade PC Autocad LT 2010 to Autocad LT 2013 Mac Version

04-19-2013 09:06 AM in reply to: nigel

All installs are full versions.  Upgrade just refers to reduced pricing for a previously eligible product.  You will get a new serial number and install it as you would any Autodesk program. 

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