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Trouble installing Autodesk Inventor 2012

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11-05-2012 08:31 AM



I'm trying to install Invetor 2012 on a new machine and I have come across a weird issue. Installation goes smoothly until about the 3rd component, then stops with a 'Failed' message and the following log(truncated to the relevant part):


2012/11/5:09:09:53    ELa118    ELa118cat    === Setup started on ELa118cat by ELa118 ===
2012/11/5:09:09:53    ELa118    ELa118cat    Launch
2012/11/5:09:10:21    ELa118    ELa118cat    === Setup ended ===

2012/11/5:09:09:55    ELa118    ELa118cat    === Setup started on ELa118cat by ELa118 ===
2012/11/5:09:09:55    ELa118    ELa118cat    Launch
2012/11/5:09:10:02    ELa118    ELa118cat    Inventorui== Parameter: Prereq_1 SetupMode:1 InstallState:1 InstallAction:0 Message:
2012/11/5:09:10:02    ELa118    ELa118cat    Inventorui== Parameter: Prereq_13 SetupMode:1 InstallState:2 InstallAction:0 Message:
2012/11/5:09:10:02    ELa118    ELa118cat    Inventorui== Parameter: Prereq_14 SetupMode:1 InstallState:2 InstallAction:7 Message:
2012/11/5:09:10:20    ELa118    ELa118cat    Inventorui== Parameter: Prereq_3 SetupMode:1 InstallState:1 InstallAction:0 Message:
2012/11/5:09:10:20    ELa118    ELa118cat    PageOpen    LaunchDialog        
2012/11/5:09:10:24    ELa118    ELa118cat    Your computer is using an unsupported version of the Microsoft .NET Framework. The product you are installing requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later.Please update .NET Framework 4.0 and restart your computer before installing your

Autodesk product.2012/11/5:09:10:33    ELa118    ELa118cat    === Setup ended ===


When I run the NETVerifier tool from my install disk it detects both .NET Framework 4 Client and .NET Framework 4 Full without any issues.


Anyone can help me with this?


Attatched both the Installer and NETVerifier logs just in case

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Re: Trouble installing Autodesk Inventor 2012

11-06-2012 12:46 AM in reply to: radupuh

Hi radupuh,


Welcome to Autodesk Discussion Groups.

Please refer to the suggestion documented in the postings from Autodesk Blog here and here.


Thank you.

Aaron Hai
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