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*Griffith, Paul
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Sizing a AutoCAD server

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06-05-2000 01:11 AM
Anyone have any links to FAQ, or HOW-TO on sizing a NT 4.0 server for
Auto CAD R14. The users will run the application on their local NT
workstations and access the files from a NT 4.0 server on a 10/100
switches. So far I am looking at the following for about 60 users:

Dell Power Edge 4400
P3 Xeon 733 w/ 256K Cache
256 RAM
72 GB of storage for files
Exabyte M2 tape backup
two 10/100 NICs (Intel Pro/100+)

suggestions, comments, etc. welcomed.

Thank You

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Re: Sizing a AutoCAD server

07-10-2000 02:35 PM in reply to: *Griffith, Paul
if it's just going to be used as a file server, then there aren't any specs for the app. All you need is enough drive space for the files. If you already have a server, you don't need another one just for files; if necessary you could add drive space to an existing server. check the sys requirements for the NOS.
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