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Searching for 3dmax ( no student version )

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12-02-2013 06:01 AM

Hello, i am searching for a second hand copy of 3d studio max.

How do i know the difference between a student version, and a full professional version ?


And i have another question :

Is it true that you cannot install 3dsmax without having internet ?,

if that is true : what is the last version wich dont require online for installation ?


I found 3d studio max 5 on, still a bit expensive for 500 dollar, i dont even know if they will ship to the Netherlands,

i also found more, i only need to know the difference between the student and pro version.


thanks in advance, greetings

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Re: Searching for 3dmax ( no student version )

12-02-2013 06:12 AM in reply to: Jan3dmax

Hi Jan3dmax and welcome to the forums.


We do not recommend purchasing second hand copies of Autodesk software as this goes against the End User License Agreement and there's a very high chance that you won't be able to activate and use the software after you have purchased it.


The difference between commercial and student versions of 3dsMax is that the student version has a 3-year limit on the license and it also prints a watermark stating that your projects were created on an educational version and may not be used for commercial purposes.


We also offer student suites which can be purchased for a lower price.


More info on student licenses can be found here

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Re: Searching for 3dmax ( no student version )

12-02-2013 08:03 AM in reply to: camilo.lemos

Hello, thanks for the reply.

Does this mean i need to be online in order to install the software ?


I am going to buy it somehow, according to the law ( at least here ), i can buy second hand software, also 3d studio max ofcourse.

So if i cannot instal it, then i still going to buy it,

as long as i have the original package with registration code  and the original cd, i might as well use a pirated copy wich i can install ofcourse.


Still i need to know how i recognize the package before buying to make sure i wont buy a student version.


I hope you understand, can you show me the difference from the packages ?,

and can you tell me how it works with the online?, thanks.

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Re: Searching for 3dmax ( no student version )

12-02-2013 09:43 AM in reply to: Jan3dmax

You don't need to be online in order to install.  But you still need to register the program with AutoDesk for use.  You aren't purchasing the software, you are purchasing the right to use the software.  Its a fine distinction but one worth keeping in mind, since if somebody else already has the right to use the software AutoDesk isn't obliged to let you use it no matter how much you paid.


There is ZERO means to determine whether what you are being sold is educational or not, unless you have it in your hands.  Even if its not an educational product, it could be somebody else has already registered it (which might not even be the person selling it).  Or, it could be licensed to a different region (you can't run a North American version in Europe, for example).  Purchasing on the internet is very much buyer-beware.  Therefore even if the local laws allow it, you are usually much better off purchasing a valid product from an authorized reseller or directly from AutoDesk.

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Re: Searching for 3dmax ( no student version )

12-02-2013 10:07 AM in reply to: dgorsman

Thanks for the reply.

Why cant i use a USA version in the EU ?

My computer has no problem with that.


If someone is selling me the software, then its official mine, because i can show the original CD.

What does it matters if its registered here ?, it still works right?


What would be the last version with a dongle, and no online registration?, then i will buy that older version.

I,m just using it to make some meshes for in games, so i realy dont need "crowd control" or whatever.

If someone wants to sell it to me ? Yes please.

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