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Revit MEP 2012 Deployment (SMS/SCCM) - Multiple Revit.ini files

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01-15-2012 05:51 PM



I am busy creating deployments (to be delivered via SMS/SCCM) for a few Autodesk 2012 products which go out to about 400 XP workstations in several offices.


Revit Structure and Architecture have been created and are working fine (from SMS point of view, I don't use the software).  I used the Revit Deployment Utility to inject a custom Revit.ini file in the inifile.xml which also worked fine.


I have now come to Revit MEP and was going to use the same method however Revit MEP users are split into separate specialist groups (Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic etc) and each group has given me a Revit.ini to inject into the MEP deployment.  I now have a few inifile.xml files that are slightly different.  Server space is an issue for us so I can't justify creating separate MEP deployment source packages.


A couple ideas I thought of were:

Using Group Policy to overwrite the inifile.xml with a relevant copy which targets the machine OR

providing scripts (1 each for the groups) that the client would have to run post install and first launch (to create revit.ini) which would target the current user only


I have not tested either method and don't even know if they are possible yet but I thought I would see if anyone else has dealt with this before and had a better deployment method.



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Re: Revit MEP 2012 Deployment (SMS/SCCM) - Multiple Revit.ini files

01-16-2012 02:26 AM in reply to: padfoot

One suggestion.

Rather than copying the xml file manually (or through GPO), you can copy the revit.ini file (from a clean install) to the clients

revit.ini path is discussed here

Actual install behaviour is discussed here



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