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Reinstalling 3DS Max Fails on Non-numbered Error

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04-14-2013 03:16 AM

I'm having trouble reinstalling the student version of 3DS Max 2013 on a Windows x64 system.

Why I tried to reinstall:
While following a tutorial about lighting, I selected the Mental Ray renderer, then tried to pick a light type from the drop-down list. The list was not populated. After some research online, I found that this is caused by not running the 3DS Max installer 'as administrator,' so I uninstalled and made my first attempt at reinstalling.

But I got this error:
3ds max reinstall error.jpg

More online research. I followed the advice given here:
but it didn't help.

I also combed this forum and the Microsoft website for possible solutions. I've followed several different suggested procedures for fixing this problem, but again, nothing worked.

I used several different registry cleaners, and tried to reinstall between each one. None of them helped; I got the same error.

I also tried both the download version of the installer and the over-the-net version. Both stop on the same error.

My system:
- Windows 7 Professional x64
- three hard drives
- two nVidia GTX-560 Ti graphics cards

A peculiarity of my system:
Last year I installed Linux on a second partition and things got messed up. It installed its boot loader on one of my data drives instead of the system drive where Windows is installed, effectively making the data drive the primary drive while my Windows system drive is now the secondary drive. Even though I ripped Linux off the computer and wrote it off as a bad idea, my drives are still in this mess. I don't know if this has anything to do with my 3DS Max install problem, but it's peculiar enough to mention, anyway.


BTW, I've also tried Maya, SoftImage and MotionBuilder, installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled all of them and never had this problem with any. Unfortunately, I don't like any of those other packages. I like 3DS Max.

This installation problem, from what I've read, has been on-going for several years. Is there a solution? Or will I only get phone-center type replies pointing at things I've already tried or that don't work, have never worked or are unsubstantiated as solutions?

I'd rather not give up on 3DS Max before I've even graduated from the student version to the real McCoy; it's the best fit for me of all the 3D software I've tried. But if all $4000 buys is this type of hassle, there's no way I'm getting involved.

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