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Installation & Licensing

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Registration error while starting Autodesk Simulation

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10-01-2012 11:15 AM

Since Home Use installations are not supported by Autodesk I decided to try this forum for solutions.  I'm not very optimistic on a solution for this one.


After obtaining a Home Use license I installed Autodesk Simulation on my home XP without any problems but when attempting to run the software I get a registeration error and I'm presented with two options (1) click Yes to register software or (2) click No and run Add/Remove programs to "repair" the Autodesk Simulation installation.


I've tried both options without success...I get the same registration error message each time I start the program.


I believe the batch file, RegAll.bat, contained in the installation folder is run each time to register the software.  It is designed to allow a previous version of Autodesk Simulation to be installed concurrently without conflict.


Any clues would be appreciated.



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Re: Registration error while starting Autodesk Simulation

10-01-2012 11:50 AM in reply to: kimbob

Hi Kim,


There is an "Installation and Licensing" discussion group. I do not know if they can help with the home license or not. (I am not familiar with the home license, but I presume it would work like any other license, so that group should be able to help.)


What is the specific "error" that you are receiving? Attach a screen capture of the dialog if it makes sense to do so.


You are correct about regall.bat, but I do not think that is involved in the registration. At least it has not been involved in the past.

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Re: Registration error while starting Autodesk Simulation

10-03-2012 12:51 PM in reply to: kimbob

I found out that Home Use software installations are supported by Autodesk so I have submitted a service request and they are working on the issue.


For those interested, the Registration error has nothing to due with licensing or registering the software with Autodesk.  The registration in this case is used to allow side-by-side installations of older and newer versions of Simulation to be used on the same system.


It involves using the RegAll.bat file which registers files into the Windows registry using regsvr32 commands for .dll files and the /RegServer command line switch for .exe files.




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