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Redundant Servers (Autocad 2000 & Autocad 2000i)

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09-01-2000 07:46 AM
I am planning an installation and I would like to use networked floating licenses. My worry is that the license server crashes and my users will be left without license. I have two questions. The AdLM license Manager runs with 2000 and 2000i? Second, if I use TCP/IP protocol (rather than IPX)on Win NT I can have a redundant license server that will pick up when the main server shuts down? (how does this really work? Can someone explain to me?) ... rgds!
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Re: Redundant Servers (Autocad 2000 & Autocad 2000i)

09-04-2000 02:35 AM in reply to: eccecad
1)You can run 2000i and 2000 on the same ADLM. 2000i uses a different
feature code.
2)For further information on redundant servers take a look at the following
R14 Techdoc which also applies to the 2000 products:-,,147628--273818-20021_21843,

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