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Problem with Inventor 2009, 2010, Vault, and a new server

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11-05-2012 08:24 AM


We've been running Inventor 2009 since it came out.  Some time ago we purchased Inventor 2010 but never got around to upgrading to it (not sure why, I was not here then).  Our Vault (2009) was installed on Server 2003 and despite it getting old and tired it still worked.  However, 2003 is not getting updated anymore my Microsoft so we had to upgrade.  Two weeks ago we got a new server and was able to move over all parts of our business except the Vault because 2009 does not work on Small Business Server 2008 (according to our IT guy, don't know why).  So we were going to leave the Vault on the old server for now and worry about it later.  Then we remembered we had Inventor 2010 and decided to install Vault 2010 on the new server and migrate our database.  All of our workstations are upgraded to 2010 and Inventor works but we're having trouble with the Vault.


I'm about to install the four service pack updates, maybe that will help.  Do I need to install the Vault updates on our workstations even though the Vault has been updated already on the server?


Ok, here's the problems we're seeing:

1.  After everything was supposed to be completed and migrated, we could log into the vault and sometimes we could check stuff out and sometimes we couldn't.  Sometimes we could check it out but not check it in.  I talked to our local Autodesk people and they said we needed to install the updates for Vault 2010.  Over the weekend it was supposed to happen but I have not heard from our IT guy yet (he's contracted, not an employee).


2.  When logging into the vault I get a message - "This vault must be migrated.  Logging into the server console on the server will automatically complete the migration."  Do I just need our IT guy to do that or is it a little more complicated?





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Re: Problem with Inventor 2009, 2010, Vault, and a new server

11-05-2012 09:23 AM in reply to: aakrusen

Ok, I guess I spoke too soon.  The two problems I've listed above are not coming up so here's where I'm at.


I install all four service packs for Inventor 2010, both service packs for Vault 2010, and the service packs for the Vault on the server.


I can go through Inventor into the Vault and check stuff out (and in) but if I do it through the Vault explorer I cannot check them out.  I think it may have something to do with the project file but I'm guessing.


Scenario:  I go through the Vault explorer and find my way to the part I want to open.  I double click it and it asks me if I want to check it out.  I click the "Yes" button and a window comes up with where I can select the Project file (there are several but the one I used in 2009 is still there and it is heighlighted) and I click "OK".  Then I get an error message that says "This file was created with Inventor. We cannont find this application on your computer".  I click OK and nothing happens.  I can go through this process again with the same results.

Do I need to do something with the Project File?

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