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Installation & Licensing

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Please Help! How do I install 3Ds Max on a render slave?

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09-27-2013 03:06 AM

I just purchased a render slave to take care of all my rendering.


this one to be precise (


In order to render a 3ds max file, i must surely have to install 3ds max on the slave?


How do I go about doing that? I think Ive watched about 100 videos and noone has explained the process


Please please, can someone enlighten me??


I was reading something about deployment of a license last night and woke up this morning to try it out and then read someone saying u dont need to do that. i also thought i needed an additional license to set it up on the slave, but then someone else also says thats not required.


you can see how confusing this is getting :smileysad:


3ds max helpdesk has required i pay them a fee in order to discuss the setup process but i would have thought this help would be part of the £4000 i paid out for the software :smileysad:





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Re: Please Help! How do I install 3Ds Max on a render slave?

09-27-2013 06:05 AM in reply to: jonm4y
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