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paths to support files & user profiles on NT Workstation big mess HELP!

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08-09-2000 12:54 PM
I have a classroom of 30 NT Workstation 4.0 SP6a computers with Autocad 2000 installed locally on drive D, which is the 2nd partition
of the hard drive. I have about 100 users with their own logons and home directories on an NT 4.0 server.
At first when a user logged on and tried to launch autocad they got an error Menu Not Found, so I copied
the \acad2000\support folder from D:\Program Files to c:\Program Files. Now
users can launch Autocad without errors but they can't find many support files, printer device drivers,
etc. In Tools, Options, Files all the search paths are specified as C:\Program Files\ACAD2000
even though all the files are on d:\Program Files\ACAD2000. How can I fix this? I guess I really don't
understand how profiles in Autocad work and whether these profiles are connected in any way with
NT user profiles. By the way my icon to launch autocad is in the All Users folder which means it is the
same for every user. I would really appreciate your help. I set up dozens of apps for users and I have
never had problems like I do with Autocad. It is really driving me crazy.

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Re: paths to support files & user profiles on NT Workstation big mess HELP!

08-09-2000 01:12 PM in reply to: gfreita
Add a generic profile to one of the stations. Set this profile as current. Then map the support file search paths as needed. Export this profile to the network or a floppy. Login as a different user, or go to a different workstation. Import this profile and set as current. This should give you a good start.
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