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NVIDIA Quadro 4000 and AutoCAD/C3D 2014?

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07-17-2013 08:29 AM

Is the NVIDIA Quadro 4000 going to be certified for AutoCAD/C3D 2014? That card is not showing up on any of the 2014 Lists.

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Re: NVIDIA Quadro 4000 and AutoCAD/C3D 2014?

07-17-2013 10:29 AM in reply to: TDenson

Don't get too hung up on the lists.  Autodesk isn't going to certify every card.  I always lead with the disclaimer that a card that has a WHQL certified driver, is certified.


You can get a WHQL certified driver for this card on and you'll be just fine with AutoCAD 2014.  I have a few machines left in my enterprise that run this card without issues. 

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Re: NVIDIA Quadro 4000 and AutoCAD/C3D 2014?

07-17-2013 11:16 AM in reply to: TravisNave

Its a little overkill for basic AutoCAD work, unless you are also using ReCap or other software that is heavily dependant on OpenGL.

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