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New Network License Server

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07-05-2011 08:57 PM



I am in the process of switching over from stand alone licensing to concurrent network licensing.


  • I have created a new Server using Windows 2003 Server Standard x86
  • I have installed the AutoCAD 2012 Network License Manager
  • I then got my licenses from the website (we have 4 licenses so I had to combine the files using the instructions I found)
  • I then created a basic deployment for a test pointing it to my license server and installed it on a pc to trial.


Ok, so my issue is this.


When I open AutoCAD 2012 I get the following error.


"A valid license could not be obtained by the network license manager"


Error 0.0.0


after a bit of searching, I found it can be caused by incorrect date/time so I made sure thats correct (they all sync from same NTP server so its not that)


I can ping the new license server and for a test, If I shutdown the license server and open AutoCAD I get a different error


"Your application was not able to obtain a license because the FlexNet license server manager could not determine where to find the licesning data it need. Please choose one of the following"

  • Specify the License Server
  • Specify the license file

This tells me there is definetly some communication to the license server


So my next step I thought It had to do with my license, so I redownloaded one single license out of the 4 and tried that license file, same issue.


When I run the server diagnostics It tells me how many licenses are avaible and how many are free (all of them)


I have also made sure there is no firewall at all between my test pc and server.


This is my first time using this ADFlex license server so I am sure the issue will probably be minor but I a stuck where to go next.


Any help much appreciated.





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Re: New Network License Server

07-05-2011 09:02 PM in reply to: CasellaWines


Here is a screenshot of the error (not my screenshot but exact same issue)

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Re: New Network License Server

07-06-2011 01:46 AM in reply to: CasellaWines

Some tips on troubleshooting


Check the license status and the license server log for errors



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Re: New Network License Server

07-06-2011 04:07 PM in reply to: hashim.mundol


Thanks for the links,


Assume my Autodesk License server has the name "Autodesk"


http://autodesk:2080 gets a response Wê-60Wê-60

http://autodesk:27000 gets a response Wê-60Wê-60


I enabled the Diagnostics Environment Variable and get the following error.


FLEXnet Licensing Checkout Error: License server system does not support this feature.


License Path: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2012 - English\licpath.lic;

FLEXnet Licensing error: -18,147


I looked in the FLEXnet error codes


-18 = License server system does not support this feature.

147 =  Bad V80_LK signature.


When I press OK to the error, the same error reappears about a dozen times only changing the Feature code, so apparently it doesn't support any features.


From what I can find from Bad V80_LK signature it points to a corrupt license ???


I got yet another license from the AutoCAD license website and the same issue occurs?


any further tips or things to try?


thanks for the help.

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Re: New Network License Server

07-07-2011 10:27 AM in reply to: CasellaWines

Your LMTOOLS is improperly configured:


License Path: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2012 - English\licpath.lic is wrong.  You need to point the path to the license file to the license you received from and resave the service.  Then start the service and verify that licenses are available.



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Re: New Network License Server

07-07-2011 03:51 PM in reply to: CasellaWines


Found the issue.


Wasn't the License path, that was correct in LMTools. Unsure why it was pointing to that directory in the error.


I didn't realise that for each version change you require a new license file to be created.


I used the website to generate a License file for AutoCAD 2011


However we purchased AutoCAD right when they cut over to 2012, so we downloaded 2012 and made the deployment etc based on that, for which the licence I had doesn't work.


A quick call to the AutoCAD helpdesk, a brand new license file was emailed to me, and all is well it's working as it should.


Now I just have to thoroughly test how it works before deploying it around the place.


Thank you very much for the assistance, I was sure it would be something stupid as AutoCAD network licensing is new to me, I'm glad I figured all this out before we need to go "Live"


thannks again.

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