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*MARAND, Frederic G.
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Network problem with R14

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10-27-2000 08:04 AM
New info: I tried with the MS client on a new PC with identical
configuration, and the problem remains, although it looks a bit different:

- the files can be seen in the vignette view in File/open
- they display almost as rapidly as on the local disk, but...
- ACAD stays almost inert, slooooowly rendering the file without responding
to Windows messages, until finished.

In the end, it's as long or longer as with Novell's client, but the
beginning of the file/open is much faster, whereas with the (latest) Novell
client, everything is slow, although the global speed remains similar.

Opening the file from a similar (same hardware) NT4 server takes only 20s,
instead of 4min although file copy operations are slower from/to that server
than from/to the NW server. If only we could use NDS-based authentication on

Frederic G. MARAND a écrit dans le message :
> Hello,
> Thanks for your answers:
> - 10/100BT: alas, this is not an option for this remote building, which
> only 100Mb/s for the whole building.
> - MS client: not an option either: we need single sign-on, and this cannot
> be provided with the MS client.
> - time: copying the file to the local drive, then starting R14 on it, up
> the full display really takes less than 40 seconds, stopwatch in hand,
> whereas a direct open take 3"50, so there's no lazy write at work here. It
> looks more like problems with protocol buffers or locking primitives, I
> think (but how can i tune this ?).
> Other data I gathered :
> - network bandwidth:
> - during a copy to NT, it jumps to 100% during the copy, then drops back
> to < 5%
> - during a file/open on the network, it never climbs above 5%
> - machine utilization:
> - on local opens, memory available drops sharply to 30-40MB, while CPU
> increases to 100%, then when open is over, 60MB available, 2% CPU
> - on network opens, memory available drops slowly to 30-40MB, while CPU
> use never climbs above 20%, then when open is over, 60MB available, 2% CPU
> jason martin a écrit dans le message :
> 70F84C520CBDAC665E157066949F7E4E@in.WebX.SaUCah8kaAW...
> > My biggest recommendation is to drop the 10bT and go to 100bT. It made
> significant
> > difference in our file open times (as it should). The other thing that
> would try is
> > using the ms netware client rather than the novell client (unless there
> a good reason
> > not to). We've had much better luck with the ms client working
> with autocad and
> > netware than we have the nw client. The other thing is that just
> NT says it's
> > done copying the file in 8s I doubt that it is. NT employs a "lazy
> to the local
> > HD. It will write part of the file, store part of it in memory and
> it to file as it
> > sees fit.
> >
> > I don't know if you'll get to you 30s goal by switching the network and
> client but it will
> > (should) help.
> >
> > The other thing that I would check is network utilization. Is all of
> bandwidth
> > already in use?
> >
> > hth
> >
> > jason martin
> > frankfurt-short-bruza
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