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Network node Names

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03-31-2000 02:26 PM
You are close Jason, and thanks,

but we only save our drawings to novell server by windows explorer and do
not perform a "Save As" feature to save drawings. I think the problem is
occuring when we open and plot files if im not mistaked.

an example of a file is as below:$

the autal file that was printed was 100-1936-300.dwg.
so it added something that looks like a CRC validation, if im right.
i dont know.

any ideas?

"Jason Martin" wrote in message
> Having read/write privleges only on the server could be the problem (if I
> understand your post correctly). Anytime autocad does a save it actually
> does something like the following
> Check for an existing drawing.bak file, if .bak file exists delete it,
> rename drawing.dwg to drawing.bak
> Delete drawing.dwg
> Save curreing drawing as drawing.dwg.
> The ac$ file comes in only as a temporary file (either autobackup inside
> autocad, or in the case that the previous operation cannot be completed).
> think that the ac1 is created when the ac$ file cannot be deleted.
> The basic rule that I've seen is that you need change rights to whatever
> folder/volume you are storing the autocad drawings on. I think that R13
> doing it's best to work around this, but if you upgrade to R14 or A2K you
> will probably have more problems with only having read/write privleges to
> the volume where your autocad files are stored.
> hth
> jason martin
> frankfurt-short-bruza
> Darin wrote in message ...
> >Hello,
> >
> >We are currently running a Novell Server, V4.10, with AutoCAD R13 for
> >Windwos Releases c4a, on all
> >the NT (SP6) Workstations.
> >We currently have around 25,000 autocad drawings on the novell server.
> >Every morning I come into work I have to delete about 10,000 temp/error
> >files, which have an extension of ac$or *.acl.I have changed all the
> network
> >node names in autocad under the config parameters to the computer name
> >of each user, but to no avail. All the temp files still come up as *.ac$
> >and*.acl.
> >
> >The server is write/read only, does not have modify.
> >I have file locking turned off in CAD.
> >Any ideas.
> >Please Help
> >
> >--
> >Darin Cyns
> >Design Engineer
> >Sabritec
> >
> >
> >
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