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Network license still in use/borrowed (Linger: 4636440 )

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12-02-2012 07:39 PM

Cant use/obtain the license due to license is still in use although no client is accessing the Server. 

Also below is some words seen in LMTools that shows the 2 PCs having the word “linger” which means borrowed. 

Report Log from LMTools: 

Users of 85813PDSS_F: (Total of 5 licenses issued; Total of 5 licenses in use) 

"85813PDSS_F" v1.000, vendor: adskflex 
floating license 

fdeguia FDeguiaE6420 FDeguiaE6420 (v1.000) (BTFILE001/27000 524), start Wed 10/24 14:36 
jbenamer ITSpare2XPD630 ITSpare2XPD630 (v1.000) (BTFILE001/27000 1035), start Wed 10/24 8:00 
mbasoy mbasoye6400 mbasoye6400 (v1.000) (BTFILE001/27000 401), start Thu 10/11 7:05 (linger: 4636440) 
rbayking TRTEE6410ATG TRTEE6410ATG (v1.000) (BTFILE001/27000 864), start Wed 10/24 13:10 
wcheng WChengD630 WChengD630 (v1.000) (BTFILE001/27000 201), start Thu 10/11 7:05 (linger: 2252820) 

We know that Linger means borrowed license, but in the clent  PC, it shows that theres no borrowed license. please see attached image. Borrow button still available instead of return.



"Wcheng PC"


Also Please See the attached files.


how can we return the license to the server?


Hoping someone can answer my question



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Re: Network license still in use/borrowed (Linger: 4636440 )

12-04-2012 04:51 AM in reply to: cpatacsil

Try borrow from Wcheng pc, then return 5 min later.


Ty re-read lic file From the LM.


Try rebooting the license server. Sometimes fixes issues that have no apparent reason.



best regards,
- Mark

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PDSU 2015 Windows 8.1, 64bit.

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Re: Network license still in use/borrowed (Linger: 4636440 )

12-04-2012 07:13 AM in reply to: Mark_Wigan
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