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Network License options file

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04-10-2012 01:23 AM

Hi All


Hoping someone could help with setting up an options file. I have a few different sets of software and want the following options set on the options file if possible...


I have attached my options file, if you could please review it and see where I may be going wrong? Some of the issues are listed below...




- Set a timeout for all netowk licenses to 30 Minutes

- Set limits for how long certain licenses can be borrowed for

- Set groups of users and reserve licenses for exclusive usage by these groups


Current Issues with my options file


- Timeout limit only seems to work for AutoCAD, and does not work for any other Autodesk software in our license pool

- Time out on borrowing licenses does not seem to function at all

- Inappropriate allocation of licenses... Someone using AutoCAD can book out an AutoCAD mechnical License, which deprives people trying to get a product design suite license. Uses with Navisworks Simulate can get hold of a Navisworks Manage license.


If anyone has some suggestions  on how to properly setup the license file, and if the options file parameters are supported for PDS, Navisworks?




Best Regards,



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Re: Network License options file

04-11-2012 01:37 AM in reply to: BrettCaldeira

If open your option file, the syntax defined shoud be ok, but why the file with .txt extension? Option file name should be adskflex.opt. I would suggest you to check with this thread : to make sure all your setting correctly.



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Network License options file

04-11-2012 04:49 AM in reply to: BrettCaldeira



Thanks for the reply. I had to make it a txt becuse the forums would not allow me to submit a file with extension .opt. I will keep testing it, I have been through the options file a few times now, and all looks right. Just not 100% it is working correctly.






Brett Caldeira

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Re: Network License options file

04-11-2012 08:12 AM in reply to: BrettCaldeira

Okay, I have looked at your options file and here's the deal:


1.  TIMEOUTALL does not work for all products.  I recommend setting it to the mimimum value of 900 (15 minutes) due to the fact that idle time can sometimes take more than the allotted time that you suspect.  When it works for the products supported, you will see IN: (INACTIVE) in the debug log file.


2.  None of your options are working because your GROUPCASEINSENSITIVE ON is a typo.  You forgot to make it "Insensitive."  Correcting this should thus correct the remainder of your groups and names. 


I have a start-up guide on options files here:


Good Luck!


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Re: Network License options file

04-17-2012 07:20 AM in reply to: BrettCaldeira



This discussion thread was started on my behalf by a local re-seller in response to a support request we logged. I will correct the typo and hope that makes a difference. I am dissapointed though, that TIMEOUTALL does not take effect on all products; maybe change the variable to TIMEOUTSOME? Is there a defined list of products that do not respond to TIMEOUTALL? As stated, AutoCAD accepts the variable, and as you describe the (INACTIVE) status displays in the Debug log file; image attached confirming this.debug.JPG

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