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Installation & Licensing

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Network License expired

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09-19-2013 03:09 AM

Hi All,


Hope someone can help as I'm not an expert with Autodesk software.  We have a number of secondary schools using Autodesk 2013 or to be precise Autodesk Design Academy and entertainment Creation Suite.  Each school has their own License manager running on a server.


We were kindly sent the documentation containing product ID's, serials, license files etc.. for each school by someone at Autodesk but only for a 1 year license.  We were told there was an Academic Resource Centre being setup where you could download software and get 3 year licenses for free.


Well it's now 1 year on and the license has expired in all schools.  We have attempted to create individual accounts for each school and it's supposed to only take 24hours to verify but its nearly 2 days and we haven't had a reply or  e-mail for any of the schools.  So they're becoming a bit frustrated now.


So I have 2 questions...


1. When can we expect a reply to verify these accounts,  and

2. Will we be able to update the license file for our currently installed clients.


A colleague said, we will have to rip out Autodesk from every client and re-install the lot because the license file can't be updated (were talking about 500 machines here) .  Strangely though the doc that was originally sent by Autodesk mentioned that you can update it.  So what's true?


I don't think the person who sent this stuff works for Autodesk anymore and everytime I try to contact Autodesk or find out info I'm told to contact the local reseller.  However when I try to find that out it can't find a local reseller. Oh I'm in UK if that helps.


Any help would be greatfuly appreciated.



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Re: Network License expired

09-19-2013 02:11 PM in reply to: kryptic1

Please try to chat with the Front Desk Team!


There are 2 places.  Sometimes the second URL is a bit less busy.  You can provide them with the older serial number by parsing your current license file.


You will need to provide this info and they can assist faster.




David Lau
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