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*Plensdorf, Chris
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Network Deploy Customization

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11-06-2000 02:37 PM
I have seen this question in past posts with no response. Has anyone
experience with modifying files in the ACAD1.CAB file to affect a 'custom'
deployment of AutoCAD 2000i. Or can I modify the *.LST files to have
Windows Installer 'pull' additional files to the client? What do these
(*.LST) files accomplish?

I am having serious issues with the viability of network deployment if.....

1. I must install as an administrator. I do not want to grant
administrative priveledges to all CAD users. This means an administrator
must log on locally on every machine. This is eased somewhat in W2000 if I
can 'Run As' the Install Executable. I must still grant 'loose' permissions
to execute the program.

2. I must still customize every single workstation after installing 2000i
because I can not 'push'/'pull' custom menus, etc during the deployment. I
can not even modify a profile file and have the deployment modify the path
automatically to point to it. With 200+ users, having all files on the
network causes network traffic issues, therefore having files local is a
plus. Inclusion in a logon script could assist.

Am I missing something? Has anyone 'solved' this dilema?

Chris Plensdorf