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My Revit 2013 won't start

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12-07-2012 04:29 AM

Hi I have a problem when trying to start the Revit 2013... It won't start!

I get the program error code saying This program were not able to start correctly (0xc000007b)

Does anyone know what the problem is? I've looked around in the forums around here and founf similar problems but none with revit! i've had revit arcitachture 2012 before and all i did was uninstalling it and then installing the 2013!


i'm glad for any answeres!

// Tommy

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Re: My Revit 2013 won't start

12-07-2012 07:32 AM in reply to: tommybo

Hi Tommy


I don't have a definite answer to this error code but we should be able to troubleshoot the problem and fix it.  In order to do so, it would be helpful to get responses to the following questions/requests:

1. A screen capture of the error message that is displayed when you try to launch Revit 2013.

2. Which operating system are you running?

3. Are there any other Autodesk products installed on this system?

4. Did the uninstall of Revit Architecture 2012 and the install of Revit 2013 complete successfully?

5. Can we confirm that you installed Revit 2013 (no product designation)?


And while we are troubleshooting this problem, I would suggest using the Windows Add/Remove Programs functionality to reinstall Revit 2013.  If the problem was caused by missing or incorrect files, the reinstall resolve it.


Tony Michniewicz

Autodesk Revit QA

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Re: My Revit 2013 won't start

12-10-2012 08:55 AM in reply to: tommybo


Hello. Has it every started correctly on this machine? If you right-click the desktop icon and Run as an Administrator, is the behavior the same? Errors like this are often caused by rights restrictions.


Thank you for taking part in our community!


David Dembkoski



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Autodesk Product Support

David Dembkoski
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