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MGE 2011 License(?) error

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09-29-2010 11:29 PM


We worked with MGE 2011 installed as evaluation version.

When the evaluation time ended we added license to FLEXLM and reconfigured MGE 2011 (adding licpath.lic to Server directory).

After that server is serving maps and responses as before but every single operation creates following message in LicenseError.log file:
Reason=Fatal error
5644    2010/09/30    08:01:57    ComputerName=XRSIP
5644    2010/09/30    08:01:57    OS=5.2.3790.Service Pack 2
5644    2010/09/30    08:01:57    File=AdlmIntNWFBLicense.cpp,Line=622
5644    2010/09/30    08:01:57    AdlmIntError=18 [The license has already been checked out]


What's more even though all layers are displayed in map we can not edit layers based on oracle or raster providers.

Also operation of creating new data connection or to be more specific of enumerating data providers crashes MGE.


We'd added GDAL raster provider to default set of providers but before license configuration everything worked.


Does any one have similar problem?


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Re: MGE 2011 License(?) error

10-04-2010 02:24 PM in reply to: MacRudnicki

The repeated entries of the four-line error message you are getting is benign.

5644    2010/09/30    08:01:57    ComputerName=XRSIP
5644    2010/09/30    08:01:57    OS=5.2.3790.Service Pack 2
5644    2010/09/30    08:01:57    File=AdlmIntNWFBLicense.cpp,Line=622
5644    2010/09/30    08:01:57    AdlmIntError=18 [The license has already been checked out]

Some have reported problems with the file becoming very large or consuming to much hard drive space. As a work around we are recommending the use of the Task Scheduler to delete the LicenseError.log every 24 hours or sooner depending on server usage. The log file will still be available for the duration of this time period which should be enough to troubleshoot any errors should they come up.

Douglas Lauritsen
Support Specialist
Product Support
Autodesk, Inc.

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Re: MGE 2011 License(?) error

12-20-2010 05:43 PM in reply to: DouglasLauritsen

Dear Douglas,


We are having the same problem with the MGE 2011 Update 1, besides the fact that this problem may consume all available disc space, it will be hard to explain such "feature" to our IT staff:


- look, please don't worry about the system degradation due to this useless log writes, and remember to log rotate daily and to delete the log file often.


It also seems to impact our code execution, the code was working properly with the trial version until Friday, and today with the purchased licensed installed it is no longer working.


Fabio ****undes

Transpetro - Brazil

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Re: MGE 2011 License(?) error

01-06-2011 03:25 AM in reply to: MacRudnicki

We have the same problem. How can we solved this? Schedule the delete the file everyday is not a solution to a production environment.




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Re: MGE 2011 License(?) error

03-24-2011 04:31 AM in reply to: MacRudnicki

We face also the same problem on a win 2008 64 bits server.

Any real solution ?


Thanks in advance

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Re: MGE 2011 License(?) error

06-15-2011 01:43 AM in reply to: sviviand

this really unacceptable, this file appears to be written on every request which is a lot of overhead.


please address ASAP



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Re: MGE 2011 License(?) error

06-15-2011 01:56 AM in reply to: MacRudnicki

I do agree. This is a really performance killer for MapGuide

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