Installation & Licensing

Installation & Licensing

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03-08-2012 04:26 PM

So everytime Maya crashes or I need to Force Quit, Maya decides to break the license and when I run it without having the license activated, it runs incredibly slow and the processes take FOREVER. I literally can't work on anything, because it freezes around every 10 seconds. I know how to obtain new activation codes, but I want to know how I can PREVENT this from happening over and over. it has occurred 4 times within the last 4 days, and I am extremely frustrated. I CANT GET ANY WORK DONE. PLEASE HELP!

I am running Maya 2012 on a Mac with OSX 10.7. I know there are compatability issues with 10.7 as it told me it was too new during installation. Can you just send a copy of 2011? I JUST NEED A WAY TO FIX THIS AND KEEP IT FIXED. It's very time consuming to have to deal with.  

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03-09-2012 07:16 AM in reply to: APickett21

Hi APickett21,


Please private message ((click on my bielskj pforile name, then "Send this user a private message") me your serial number so I can research your account and see the best way to help you.

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04-11-2012 11:35 AM in reply to: APickett21

Hello,  I'm having a very similar problem, and i completely understand your frustration!  I am seeing a few minor differences in my case, but please let me know if you have come to discover any solution, if there's anything i can test on my end or if we can compare notes to get to the bottom of this.  This licensing issue is the biggest obstical we face in getting our project complete, as we are losing hours of time out of our work schedule on almost a daily basis.  And I can only assume you are experiencing the same thing.


@bielskj, if you have found anything to fix this or have any ideas on what to try to solve it, please let me know or point me to someone we can contact for support.  We're getting desperate.

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04-11-2012 05:45 PM in reply to: Spazticus

Thank goodness I found this post! 
I'm having similar problems, I go straight to the 'Autodesk Licensing- Activation Options', and then it crashes, after a couple of seconds..have you found the solution yet?

Please contact me, it's urgent, and I've lost faith to find the answer anywhere else on the internet :/
Mine runs on a mac and I'm also a student, so naturally I got the activation code for free, but I'm not entirely sure if it's because I downloaded the maya online and that I don't have the installation CD..


Contact me, thankyou (:


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04-12-2012 11:25 AM in reply to: roxy.princess1

I'll definitely keep you posted if I find anything that works.  Our license is a stand-alone so the problem extends beyond student licensing. I purchased my MacBook Pro brand new specifically for Maya use; being a new computer and with no other software freak-outs, it's not likely a problem with the hardware.  Also I should note that it's much more likely to happen here immediately after rebooting, regardless of a Maya crash.  Therefore, due to the high risk of killing my Maya license and being dead in the water I'm afraid to reboot or shut off the machine.  This is not a good thing.


What we've tried so far (what doesn't work for this licensing problem):

  • keep system software up to date
  • rebooting system more often (big mistake)
  • re-install Maya 2012
  • apply Maya 2012 hotfix1
  • removed temp files
  • upgrade to OSX Lion
  • re-install Maya and hotfix again after OS upgrade
  • move any unnecessary media and documents to an external drive so the startup disk has plenty of free space
  • reduce number of active applications (so Maya has less competition for memory and CPU)

Nothing here has stopped the license from breaking, but many of these are still good maintenance ideas.  If you have any additional ideas, please post them so we can all give it a shot or investigate on our own systems. 


And, should anybody from Autodesk customer support read this, please please PLEASE contact me or get involved here.





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05-30-2012 09:19 AM in reply to: APickett21

I've recently started having this problem with Maya 2012. I'm a student and couldn't finish my assignment and likely failed the class because of it. Has anyone found a solution? Since I've gone over my activation limit I have to request a new one through forms each time and that gets time consuming. It switches over to a trial Maya in the meantime, but it's useless, as it can barely open a file and it freezes every few seconds.

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05-30-2012 10:38 AM in reply to: Wolvie1

Yes, while you're waiting for a license update the program is crippled (pausing for ten to thirty seconds on each mouse click).  It's absolutely infuriating to try and get anything done until you get a new auth code, so i suggest using that time refining textures or focusing on other project maintenence. 

Because the license issue happens on my computer at effectively random times (sometimes i see it multiple times a day, sometimes months between the failures) it's hard to determine whether or not i'm finding a fix.  I'm not using a student version but instead the purchased auth code so we might have some minor differences in how we submit our requests, but here's some additional notes to consider:


  • Next time you have to send in an auth request, copy/paste all of the information into a text file so you have it handy for the next time.  That makes it a lot easier, copy/pasting your info instead of having to hunt down the Host ID and other details every time.  Then, once you have your information all handy, re-send your auth request a few more times.  I've found that on the times that I submit and resubmit up to four or five auth reqests, i will usually receive a new code within an hour or two (as opposed to taking a day or more being stuck dead in the water, unable to work).  So definitely submit your auth code request again and again. 
  • I have also expanded my internal memory since my last "issue" (from 4Gb to 8Gb).  I can imagine how this could be a fix for the licensing problem, but i've been working on a lot of flat-art image processing lately that doesn't involve Maya so i can't say yet if this has had any impact.  I'll be back working with larger Maya files soon, and if i can go a month or two without my license dying again i'll consider it probably all good.  Until then, it's somthing to consider.

Good luck.  This problem is hard to predict and Autodesk has shown no interest in investigating the cause, so it's safe to say we're on our own. 

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07-11-2012 11:28 PM in reply to: APickett21

It's been a while since the thread was created and I can't believe this has not been fixed yet, I have the same annoying problem with my license. Autodesk should give us a solution. I only have a student license, but I know other people have bought a license and they still having the same issue and I dont think thats the way to give support to your customers. Even if this is not a common error, thats not a valid argument to avoid the problem, and I'm saying this because I have seen this kind of reply from an autodesk employee in another related thread. Please give us a solution.

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