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LT 2012 LTU CaseNo:07936709

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01-03-2013 12:43 AM

I had installed LT2012 on both my office and home computer but had to get a new home computer.  I used LTU on the old one but couldn't activate the new computer and received the remark that all licenses had been used.  Do you need to reset it?

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Re: LT 2012 LTU CaseNo:07936709

01-03-2013 01:27 AM in reply to: pall

Hi pall,


Welcome to our forums.


The activation counter cannot be reset. However, in this kind of situation, we can generate an activation code manually. Please reply to the e-mail you received under Case 07936709 and let the Registration&Activation team know that there was a change of hardware. They'll send you a new activation code.



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Re: LT 2012 LTU CaseNo:07936709

02-14-2013 08:35 AM in reply to: pall

After I had this problem activating my AutoCAD LT 2012 I went to install a trial of LT 2013 to be able to work from home.  This trial has now expired.  Recently I received an email with order process #7053572798 giving me a new serial number for AutoCAD LT.

When I try to activate my home computer I am missing the "Activation Code" (not showing up on the emails I received).  If I try to activate from my account on the web.(, put in the new serial number the system calls for "Product Request Code" (on the "Product Registration & Activation" screen ) which I can't call up during activation.

Please help me out of the deadlock.

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Re: LT 2012 LTU CaseNo:07936709

02-14-2013 09:26 AM in reply to: pall

Hello Pall!


As it sounds like you haven't activated AutoCAD LT 2013 on your home machine, you should simply be able to click the activation button that appears when running the program (where you would previously continue the trial period), enter your serial number and product key and click Connect now and activate. A detailed walkthrough of this process can be found here.


Please note that in doing so, a product request code will be generated / displayed. If you're unable for whatever reason to automatically activate, can you please send me a Private Message (click on my philip.s profile name and then "Send this user a private message") with the serial number + request code or contact our License Assistance team to receive an activation code

Philip Schmelzer
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