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Installation & Licensing

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Licensing and purchasing Info Autodesk Buzzsaw 2013

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01-23-2013 09:22 PM


we are planning to license Autodesk Buzzsaw 2013 and we have the following queries, 


  1. we have planned to purchase Autodesk Buzzsaw 2013 for 50 users and 50 GB (25+25)cloud storage.
  • Whether we can purchase the above for 2years at a stretch or we can buy only for 1st year?

 2. If it’s possible to buy only for 1st year alone, what’s the procedure to get the  2nd year license.

  • Is there any subscription renewal is available as like other Autodesk products?

3. Once the service for 1year or for 2nd year(if possible) is over what will be our status in accessing the stored files?

  • Can we view, download and share it?
  • Can we view, download, edit and share it?
  • Can we access the complete Autodesk Buzzsaw interface after the contract period.

 4. Does the Cloud Space (GB) increase if the contract is for 2years.

  • I.e., for 1 year 25GB free cloud space, if the customer purchase it for 2years does we get additional 25GB as free cloud space(Total 25+25 GB)?

        5.  Is it mandatory to procure additional cloud space, over and above the free cloud space availed with the 1year       service contract (25GB Free Space +25GB Purchase space) if we need  only   25GB cloud space which comes along as a free of the service.


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Licensing and purchasing Info Autodesk Buzzsaw 2013

01-25-2013 07:30 AM in reply to: rsprabu

You need to go thru a Reseller and they can answer all of your questions.  That is going to be the best added-value solution for you.

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