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License Transfer Utility questions.

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03-14-2013 01:44 AM



just want to ask what to do with the below scenario.


We have 2 office sites.


On the 2nd site, we have pc A which we recently transfered the AutoCADLT license to pc B via the license transfer utility.


Later, an officer from the 1st site decided to use pc A as its second copy of AutoCADLT which he will occasionally do when he's there.  (his primary copy is in the 1st site)


Is it ok to activate the second copy in pc A?  or will Autodesk servers reject the activation?





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Re: License Transfer Utility questions.

03-15-2013 02:52 AM in reply to: donricopeo

From technical point, Autodesk server will not reject your activation. It permite you auto activation 5 times. But in this way, you have violated the businese rule, as you have only bought one seat.


The right way is transfer the license from PC B back to PC A.

Yong Jing
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Re: License Transfer Utility questions.

03-17-2013 08:55 PM in reply to: jingy

I failed to mention that it is a 5-seat license. 4 seats assigned to the first site and 1 seat assigned to the second site.


one of the users of the first site wanted to use his second copy (offsite copy) in the second site, wherein we will provide PC A, wherein we recently transferred the license (or seat or whatever you call it) of that computer to PC B.


maybe i need to rephrase my question to:  how many times can we activate the AutoCAD LT if we have 5seat licenses? (including the second installations)


this question sparked in my mind because my system admin is used to using the licenses transfer utility, wherein i think it may not yet be needed for as long as Autodesk servers allows the activation.  I am assuming that registration servers will keep track of the primary and secondary copies of total number of seats





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Re: License Transfer Utility questions.

03-18-2013 01:35 AM in reply to: donricopeo

Hi donricopeo,


A one seat License can be activated twice, however do note that the second activation is done if you are trying to install the same Product and Serial Number to a second machine or home machine. And on such scenario, the software can only be used and run one at a time.


If by certain circumstances, there's a need to activate the License again and the system is not allowing you to do it online, then we would need to do it manually. We will check on our end if such re-activation is possible. For more details on Activation, feel free to contact our Registration and Activation team. 

Joane Bonghanoy
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