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Installation & Licensing

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License Conversion

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03-17-2014 10:47 AM

Is there a way to take a Network License for a purchased product and convert it to a Standalone License? we have Server 2003 hosting a NLM and we are forced to upgrade our existing server to Server 2008... and we would like to transfer/convert this to a single computer for a single user.

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Re: License Conversion

03-17-2014 11:08 AM in reply to: commandos8484
Contact your reseller and know that you are giving up a more expensive solution so don't just do this for nothing.

IOW - if you were to go from standalone to network, it would set you back an extra grand or so.
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Re: License Conversion

03-17-2014 02:29 PM in reply to: commandos8484

RK is right.  You don't really want to do this.  Just have the user borrow a license (up to 6 months) and then that will give you time to migrate the server and update the license manager accordingly.  That's probably your best bet.

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