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Installation & Licensing

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LDT 2007 Service Packs

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05-28-2013 03:20 PM

Pls forgive the cross post from the C3D forum:


Hi all.

I have a user that we are transitioning from LDT 2007 to C3D2014  He currently has several projects ongoing in LDT which he would like to complete without translation to the new software.

I have a new computer ready for him, but need to get LDT 2007 installed before we can deploy it to his office and retain his functionality.  Unfortunately, our very efficient IT dept. has removed the service packs for 2007 from the server(s). And as 2007 is a dead software, they are no longer available 'live' from autodesk.

Would anyone out there possibly have them stored somewhere, and be willing to put them on an ftp site for me?

I can provide the ftp site.


If memory serves, there were three, and you had to install the first and last to get things to work properly.


Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


Matt White

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Re: LDT 2007 Service Packs

05-28-2013 04:26 PM in reply to: mattwhite6085
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Re: LDT 2007 Service Packs

05-29-2013 04:36 PM in reply to: DarrenP
thank you very much. that was exactly what I needed. One more C3D convert on-the-way.
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