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Inventor Crashing When Windows Installer Appears

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04-16-2013 08:28 AM

I have Windows XP 32Bit with Inventor 2009. Windows recently did a routine update on my computer and it seemed to cause a different program that I have to stop working properly. So I did a system restore to before the update and that fixed that program. In the meantime, doing the system restore messed with Inventor. Now whenever I open inventor, during its start up screen, Windows Installer keeps coming up. It doesn't say what it's installing, it's just there. It opens Windows Installer twice before it actually opens the program. This happens again whenever I get into an assembly environment except that whenever windows installer is done, the program crashes. Working in the part invironment seems to do fine. I have tried letting the windows installer finish and I've tried cancelling all of them when they pop up, but neither seems to make a difference. It always ultimately crashes. Has anyone had or seen this problem or have some advice on what to do. It's important that I get this up and running. 



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