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Install AutoCad 2013 failed

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01-08-2013 04:07 PM

I have some problems with the installing of AutoCAD 2013 student version. I am using win 8 now. And I think it's about .NET. However, I tried to install .NET 4 or .NET 4.5 from MS, both failed.

Here is the log file:

2013/1/8:19:05:33 Cs CS-IDEA-PC === Setup started on CS-IDEA-PC by Cs ===
2013/1/8:19:05:33 Cs CS-IDEA-PC Launch
2013/1/8:19:05:35 Cs CS-IDEA-PC PageOpen LaunchDialog
2013/1/8:19:05:36 Cs CS-IDEA-PC PageOpen LicenseDialog
2013/1/8:19:05:38 Cs CS-IDEA-PC PageOpen ProductInfoDialog
2013/1/8:19:06:21 Cs CS-IDEA-PC PageOpen ProductSelectionDialog2
2013/1/8:19:06:27 Cs CS-IDEA-PC PageOpen FullProgressDialog
2013/1/8:19:06:27 Cs CS-IDEA-PC Installing .NET Framework Runtime 4.0 Language Pack: E:\Autodesk\AutoCAD_2013_English_Win_64bit\3rdParty\NET\4\wcu\dotNetFramework\dotNetFx40LP_Full_x86_x64_2052.exe /q
2013/1/8:19:06:33 Cs CS-IDEA-PC Install .NET Framework Runtime 4.0 Language Pack Failed Installation aborted, Result=1603

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Re: Install AutoCad 2013 failed

01-08-2013 05:17 PM in reply to: zoucongshu

Have you tried checking that:

  • Windows updates are current
  • Video card is up to date and current. You can find updated drivers on the Autodesk website.
  • Temp folder is emptied out as much as possible
  • Uninstall from the Control Panel the Microsoft C++ 2010 Redistributable as this is typically corrupt and is the cause for a failed installation. This will reinstall when you run the setup.exe.
  • Verify the .net files are not corrupt by following this process outlined;

Do you have any other Autodesk products currently installed?

There is a known issue regarding a bug when you try to install AutoCAD with SP1.1 at the same time.  See the Up & Ready blog post


I hope this helps,


Jennifer Hoskens

Thank you,

Jennifer Hoskens
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Re: Install AutoCad 2013 failed

01-09-2013 06:34 PM in reply to: jenniferhoskens

Thank you a lot.:smileyhappy: I tried but still failed. I installed 2012 instead.

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Re: Install AutoCad 2013 failed

01-10-2013 08:36 AM in reply to: zoucongshu

The reason it failed on Windows 8 is because it is looking to install .NET Framework 4.0 which is already preinstalled and newer on the Win 8 OS.  Windows 8 is not a supported OS for your installation.  You can however, get it installed by modifying the setup.ini to remove the prerequisite installer for .NET 4.0. 

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Re: Install AutoCad 2013 failed

03-10-2014 02:31 PM in reply to: TravisNave

Error1603 ; PLEASE HELP


2014/3/10:14:01:57    Auto-Cad    CAD-1    === Setup started on CAD-1 by Auto-Cad ===
2014/3/10:14:01:57    Auto-Cad    CAD-1    Launch
2014/3/10:14:02:44    Auto-Cad    CAD-1    PageOpen    LaunchDialog        
2014/3/10:14:03:34    Auto-Cad    CAD-1    PageOpen    LicenseDialog        
2014/3/10:14:03:37    Auto-Cad    CAD-1    PageOpen    ProductInfoDialog        
2014/3/10:14:07:59    Auto-Cad    CAD-1    PageOpen    ProductSelectionDialog2        
2014/3/10:14:08:43    Auto-Cad    CAD-1    PageOpen    FullProgressDialog        
2014/3/10:14:08:43    Auto-Cad    CAD-1    Installing DirectX® Runtime: L:\SAA AUTODESK\Autodesk BDSP 2013\Building_Design_Suite_Prm_2013_English_px86x64\3rdParty\DirectX\DXSETUP.exe /silent
2014/3/10:14:17:37    Auto-Cad    CAD-1    Install    DirectX® Runtime    Succeeded    
2014/3/10:14:17:37    Auto-Cad    CAD-1    Installing FaroSDK: L:\SAA AUTODESK\Autodesk BDSP 2013\Building_Design_Suite_Prm_2013_English_px86x64\3rdParty\FaroSDK\e889_faro_ls_sdk_4.8.2.25521_x86_setup.exe /VERYSILENT
2014/3/10:14:17:48    Auto-Cad    CAD-1    Install    FaroSDK    Succeeded    
2014/3/10:14:17:50    Auto-Cad    CAD-1    Installing AutoCAD® 2013:  TRANSFORMS="L:\SAA AUTODESK\Autodesk BDSP 2013\Building_Design_Suite_Prm_2013_English_px86x64\x64\en-us\acad\acad.mst;C:\Users\Auto-Cad\AppData\Local\Temp\_AIB634.tmp\x64\acad\acad-standalone.mst" ADSK_EULA_STATUS=#1 MUILANG=en-us ADSK_SOURCE_ROOT="L:\SAA AUTODESK\Autodesk BDSP 2013\Building_Design_Suite_Prm_2013_English_px86x64\" INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2013\" FILESINUSETEXT="" REBOOT=ReallySuppress ADSK_SETUP_EXE=1

 2014/3/10:14:19:39    Auto-Cad    CAD-1    Install    AutoCAD® 2013    Failed    Installation aborted, Result=1603
2014/3/10:14:19:39    Auto-Cad    CAD-1    Rollback    DirectX® Runtime    Failed    Failure is ignored, Result=1619

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