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install AutoCAD 2009 on new computer

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06-20-2013 11:35 AM
I own a copy of AutoCAD 2009 with a non expiring license. I have the serial & the Product Key says N/A. I will start work in an architect's office (for a few years I hope) and we tried to install my copy on their computer (they operate on Windows XP). We got it on the computer and it tryed to activate by getting (I believe it called) an activation code automatically on line... but couldn't connect. When I sent a request for help to Autodesk online I recieved this response
I see that you need assistance with a product that is 2009 or older.
Technical Support:
Autodesk no longer supports products that are 2009 or older. "

Is there a way to get my program to work on this new computer? Thanks.
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Re: install AutoCAD 2009 on new computer

06-20-2013 12:42 PM in reply to: jbbhofacre



try the license tansfer utility instead, so you can export the license from your previous system to a file and then import the license on the new installation from that file.

Be careful, when starting the license manager to export the license you have to know the id of the destination workstation. So start on the new system the transfer utility, write down the id the dialog provides and use that id when exporting the license!


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Re: install AutoCAD 2009 on new computer

06-20-2013 02:46 PM in reply to: jbbhofacre
Installation forum is at and they can usually help.
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Re: install AutoCAD 2009 on new computer

06-21-2013 05:50 PM in reply to: jbbhofacre

Not knowing for sure and you stated the Product key was N/A but I looked in the AutoCAD Knowledge base for Product keys.

2010: 001B1

2011: 001C1

2012: 001D1

2013: 001E1

2014: 001F1

Maybe 2009 is 001A1?


Support Offering: (click the tabs for options)

Licensing and license tranfer tips and help are at:

Autodesk support is now on Twitter 24/5 (@autodeskhelp):
With a blog:

Up & Ready Installation and Startup Help (free for new installs):

Safety Net / Per Incident Autodesk support (not free):

If you are on subscription, visit your Autodesk Subscription Page for direct Autodesk Help:

Contact a Reseller for support (not free):

Customer Error Reporting:

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Re: install AutoCAD 2009 on new computer

06-24-2013 08:12 AM in reply to: Charles_Shade

Charles is right.  The product key is 001A1 and so long as you never upgraded it past 2009 either manually or under Subscription, then it should still activate.  You may need to send in your activation code to get a manual activation. 

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