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Installation & Licensing

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How can I delete my account?

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02-02-2013 08:48 PM
I am so sick of not being able to contact a live person!!!! I have had to install my software on multiple computers do to trying to find one that will work. I have also had to install becasue of being sold illegal copy of windows and reinstalling do to software issues on my mac. Mac works find. Im talking about Revit. I finally got a Macbook pro 2012, New windows 7 Ultimate, New Parralles, and now I cant activate my software because Ive installed it to many times. I wish their was a live person I could talk to becasue I don't use my school email account and I don't know if I should contact support with my personal email because it won't show up on my account. Why cant I just deactivate my software and reinstall it? I have a macbook. This autodesk software does not reconize my computer as being the same one. Please someone help me before I give up on autodeslk!!!!
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Re: How can I delete my account?

02-03-2013 07:49 AM in reply to: jac1266

Installation Help from Autodesk is at this forum (looks like they moved you here already while I was typing this email):


If you use REVIT, you probably also purchased a subscription. Visit the Subscription Page for direct contact. Someone somewhere sent you that information if you did purchase a subscription:


You can also use this site to get a new authorization number if, as you note, the other installations were mistakes:

Call Autodesk Product Registration and Authorization (during normal business hours for each region):
1-800-551-1490 > Option 1 (English) > Option 1 > (Stand-alone)
Asia / Pacific: 65.6735.5688
Europe / Middle East / Asia: 41.32.723.9595

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Re: How can I delete my account?

02-03-2013 10:14 AM in reply to: pendean

Thanks Dean!


Joshua, please send me a Private Message (click on my philip.s profile name and then "Send this user a private message") with the relevant licensing info if you're unable to resolve this issue with our License Assistance team (referenced above) and I'll gladly assist!

Philip Schmelzer
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