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Hardware Lock trying to run ACAD2000

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07-13-2000 05:13 AM
I have installed ACAD2000 and the ADLM on a Windows NT 4.0 server and I cannot run ACAD on the server, nor will it run after the client install on the client machines. I get a FATAL ERROR: HArdware Lock message. This is a secure government site and we are not allowed to run TCP/IP, only IPX. However, to run ACAD on IPX you much use Novell Client 32, so, we installed TCP/IP on the server but did not assign an IP number, we set up DHCP and just ignore the messages. Next we deleted ACAD200 and ADLM and re-installed with a new Authorization Code. We have done this three times now and still cannot get ACAD2000 to run without the security lock neither on the server nor on the client machine (we can install ACAD on the client from the server however), Also, ACAD2000 and the ADLM are installed on a drive designated as D: on the server (C: is Exchange and we don't want users access to the boot drive). Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are not bugeted for the $400 our reseller wants to charge us for tech support and Autodesks suggestion was to come here. Thank you, KC, Lockheed Martin, US Navy
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Re: Hardware Lock trying to run ACAD2000

08-07-2000 11:19 AM in reply to: KimCrockett
I don't have your answer but I think I can point you in the right direction. Skip your reseller and go to
Autodesk directly. They charge $65 per incedent not per call and they don't charge you until they have
an answer. Call (800)225-6531.

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