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[FIX] for install of products with .NET4 or higher!

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03-29-2012 06:32 PM

There is a very simple fix if you installer hangs on setup because you already have .NET 4 or higher.  You need to edit the setup.ini file to skip the instalation of the framework, please note onbly do this is you are certain that this is your problem, and as always make a copy of any file you intend to modify before you do so.


2 Options:

1) Download the file that I modified myself

  • Download the file
  • Move your current setup.ini file to a temporary storage location, incase something goes wrong.
  • Resave the file as setup.ini rather than setup.txt (you need to select "All file types when you hit save as, or you will get setup.ini.txt)
  • Move the renamed file to the proper directory.

2) And for the security concious or the do-it yourself types:

  • Ctrl-F and search for DOTNET
  • You will find in the ini file a number of instances of [code]DOTNET4;[/code] if it is at the begining of the list or[code];DOTNET4[/code] if it is at the end of the list.  Also you will find [code]DOTNET4LANG;[/code].
  • Each time you see those items they need to be removed.

An example:



The "bad" code is highlighted and needs to be removed.

Note: when the DOTNET occurs at the end of the line you need to remove the semicolin before the code, and when it occurs in line you need to remove the semicolin after the instance.

  • Find the section that begins with: #============= DOTNET Begin =============== and ends with  #============= DOTNET End ===============
  • Delete everthing in this section with the exception of:

PRODUCT_NAME=.NET Framework Runtime 2.0
EXE_PARAM=/q:a /c:"install.exe /q"
VC_PARAM=.NET Framework 2.0
VC_DESCRIPTION=Detecting .NET 2.0 Runtime



This is how i got my install to work.  Please be advised that your system may differ in its needs and troubles.  On top of that there might be a better way of doing this.


For example, I did this as my first attempt to solve my problem and it worked but as I was writting this I noticed the following line:


In the [DOTNET20] parameters, it might be possible to append this line the the delted sections of the deleted sections in the #============= DOTNET Begin =============== section, rather then removing them, and additionally this would likely remove the requirement to delete all of the instances of the calls in the parameter section. ex. DOTNET4;


It also occured to me that it might be possible to only remove the sections the the #============= DOTNET Begin =============== that I specified and ignore the instances of DOTNET4; etc.


I don't know the answers to the above because frankly after I got my instalation to work after a number of frustrating hours I didn't quite feel like testing out other permutations.


I hope this helps people, as I found little on the forums that gave real solutions to this problem. 

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Re: [FIX] for install of products with .NET4 or higher!

03-30-2012 08:47 AM in reply to: erik.kinstler

Thanks for the update Erik.  I had already posted this similar solution recently in a KB post after making multiple responses to the same problem over and over.


Glad that the process worked for you!  :smileywink:

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Re: [FIX] for install of products with .NET4 or higher!

04-05-2012 11:19 PM in reply to: erik.kinstler

Yes, you can just append the "IGNORE_FAILURE" under DOTNET4


The setup will still attempt to install .net 4, and it will fail, but it will continue the installation (installing now as I type)


Just be sure you've still got .net 4 on your system.

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