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Installation & Licensing

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Finding product key and serial key to uninstall and reinstall?

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11-21-2013 07:28 AM

I want to uninstall, then reinstall AutoCad Electrical 2013. I am using a computer set up by an employee of my company let go years ago. I do not know any of his passwords, where he purchased AutoCad from, if there is a copy of the disk, or ANYTHING. How can I find my product key and serial key so that I can uninstall and reinstall AutoCad, as every help file is deleted from the computer...... almost ALL of the features of the program do not work and simply say there are missing files........ Help Anyone?

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Re: Finding product key and serial key to uninstall and reinstall?

11-21-2013 09:00 AM in reply to: bbenben

Welcome to the Autodesk Community, Brandon!


If you still have your product installed you can check under Help > About > Licensing Information.


Each product is a little different but that should be general path to find your serial number in product. Once you locate your serial number you can then find your product key through our Autodesk website.


What you can also do is request a report of your company's licenses if you would like something for your records.


If you have any other questions please respond to this post.


Thank you!

Jessica Thrasher
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