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Failed to copy files error on ADA installation

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10-02-2012 03:53 PM

We are a school attempting to build a deployment for the Autodesk Design Academy (ADA).  We have ransacked the installation documentation, watched all the videos and can’t find a solution to this.


We have Windows XP x32 SP3 workstations and Windows 7 x64 workstations and a Windows 2003 server.

We want to build the deployment on the server for a x64 installation. 


Conventional wisdom says to:

  • Attach the 32GB USB drive to the server
  • Set up FlexLM service (this has been accomplished)
  • Create a short deployment path to a shared directory (\\lhcad\image\)
  • Give shared directory full access rights
  • Uninstalled Microsoft Visual C++
  • In sure that the .net 4 installation is the same as on the USB stick with update
  • MacAfee anti-virus is turned off on all systems

We have tried the following all at the Domain Administrator level of access:

  • Log into server remotely from either workstation and start deployment with media attached to server
  • Setup shared directory on workstation A and attempt deployment creation from workstation B with media attached to A
  • Same setup with media copied to hard drive of A

In all cases we are able to manually copy files to the shared deployment directories so we know access works, however in all cases we keep running into the following error:


“Failed to copy files.”

“The reason can be that either the disk is full or \\lhcad\image\AdminImage\ is not empty.”

“Please delete \\lhcad\image\AdminImage\ and try again.”


There is enough space on the deployment drive and we always start with an empty directory.

What gives?  Anybody?





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Re: Failed to copy files error on ADA installation

10-05-2012 01:43 AM in reply to: grim2020

Do you have other media or product and if you encounter similar issue with them during deployment?


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Re: Failed to copy files error on ADA installation

10-15-2012 08:39 AM in reply to: grim2020

It is not an issue with anything you are doing or your system, there are very serious issues with this package on both the installation and deployment side. I am assuming that the content you are having issues with deploying is the AEC content. This problem is being seen wide-spread.

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