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Installation & Licensing

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Error Message

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12-12-2012 08:18 AM



I have a problem installing AutoCAD P&ID. I can download the 2012 version 64 bit P&ID Autocad no problem, but when i go to install the program i receive a message stating that some files are corrupt and to download a new copy. I tried this several times with no success.


This is the message that is displayed during installtion

CRC failed in 3rdParty\NET\4\wcu\dotNetFramework\dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe

Unexpected end of archive.


Thanks for your help,


John Burns

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Re: Error Message

12-14-2012 02:18 AM in reply to: 20095614

Hi 20095614,


Please try alternative download method or download via a different browser and see if it works for you.


Thank you.

Aaron Hai
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Re: Error Message

12-15-2012 05:01 AM in reply to: aaronhai



I have tried an alternative method by Running it then Save and running and both times i get the same message. I have tried 32 bit and 64 bit and still the same message. I dont have the option to choose my browser download, when I click to download the program a browser download appears, blue button, with the options to Run, Save and Run.


Also when I click the essential requirements section on the AutoCAD P&ID 2012 it displayes an error message saying this page can not be found?


The image of the program says 2013 but only versions 2010,2011 and 2012 are available for download.


Many thanks for your time

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Re: Error Message

12-16-2012 06:34 PM in reply to: 20095614

Hi 20095614:


Please try downloading a fresh copy from these links. The links are valid for 5 days. 


AutoCAD P and ID 2012, 32 bit
AutoCAD P and ID 2012, 64 bit


The 2013 version is available on trial version only. 


Best Regards,



Arlin Bibat
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Re: Error Message

12-17-2012 06:42 AM in reply to: arlinpega.bibat

Hi Arlin,


I think the link would be the answer to my problem but unfortunately I am now receiving this message when I click on the link-


Account Is Not Linked to an Active Subscription Contract


This account is currently not enabled with Subscription capabilities and benefits.

We can help you link your sign-in account to an active Subscription contract. Click Continue to proceed.


When I click on continue is just refrshes the pages and shows me the same page.


I do not have a personal account with Autodesk, my account is a student account in the UK.


Sorry again for trouble,


Many thanks



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Re: Error Message

12-17-2012 07:15 AM in reply to: 20095614

Hi John,


I've created new download links for you which I have also tested. Please, before using these links, clear your cookies and cache, close and re-open your browser. Also, please make sure your browser is up-to-date:

AutoCAD P&ID 2012 32 bits


AutoCAD P&ID 2012 64 bits


Let me know how it goes please:smileyhappy:

Camilo Lemos
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Re: Error Message

12-19-2012 09:59 AM in reply to: 20095614



I was able to download the program this time but when completed downloading Windows showed a message stating that this file is not normally downloaded and either to delete, view downloads or other options.

I was receiving this message with the previous download but under the 'other options' there is a run anyway oiption. I selected the option to run the program and the start up window for AutoCAD P&ID 2012 appears for me to install the program or configure the install. I selected the recommended download and the install began, as it reached 2 of 4 on the overview on the installation this message appears-


failed to find node://configuration/connect/VDrive in XML file:

C:/Program Files (x86)Autodeesk content

Service\Connect.Service.ContentSerivce.exe.config, system error:



Many thanks again,



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Re: Error Message

01-04-2013 01:04 PM in reply to: 20095614

Hello again,


I was wondering if there has been a solution to why I am unable to download AutoCAD P&I.


Many thanks,



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