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Installation & Licensing

*Wawzonek, Mitchell
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Drawing & document management

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02-06-2000 10:05 AM
There appears to be a bewildering variety of drawing & document
management software out there, including Autodesk Workflow (only for

Anyone have any software recommendations?

The office has six networked stations running R14 (Win95), and we would
like to implement drawing control on the storage server, with the
ability to control who signs out drawing files, and to keep track of
revision history.

Ideally, a try-before-you-buy choice would be preferred.

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*B, Jimmy
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Re: Drawing & document management

02-07-2000 08:19 AM in reply to: *Wawzonek, Mitchell
Interesting topic!

We're in the process of finding a document management system.

So far I've seen: Moviva, AutoManager Workflow, AutoManager Meridian, Smarteam and some local systems.

I would also like to get som input from those already implementing systems like these.

Best regards: Jimmy B
CAD coordinator at Emtunga International AB
*Hegele, Shannon
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Re: Drawing & document management

02-08-2000 07:50 AM in reply to: *Wawzonek, Mitchell
I too would like to see some recommendations and suggestions. We have 20+
acad users and they all seem to do there own thing when it comes to dwg

Shannon Hegele
Cadd Manager
Jones & Carter, Inc.
Houston, Texas
*Wawzonek, Mitchell
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Re: Drawing & document management

02-08-2000 01:16 PM in reply to: *Wawzonek, Mitchell
Since making the original posting a couple of days ago, I've been
surfing and am currently checking out Cyco Workflow. Looks like it's
Autolisp-based, and can (must) be customized for each client's needs.

Cyco is said to be replacing it with Meridian, which will be VB-based,
thus customizations may have to be rewritten if migrating upward from
Workflow (?)

Anyone using Workflow and willing to talk about it?

Mitchell A. Wawzonek e-mail: |
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