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download help

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09-02-2011 05:39 PM

Hi. I'm trying to install Architecture 2012. I've been trying for three days. I get almost all the way finished and get "CRCFailed in x 64\inventorfusion\progfiles\Autodesk\Inventorfusion2012\opennurbsx64.dll   Unexpected end of archeive." What is going wrong and how can I fix it? I've tried three different browsers, two different internet connections, with and without the virus protector and still come up with the same thing and have also tried downloading the 30 day version, talking to technical support (who could only suggest coming here), and even downloaded Akami's program manager and they all failed. Epic. So, if anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate them before I hurl the computer across the room at a high rate of speed. Thanks

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Re: download help

09-02-2011 07:42 PM in reply to: elmcb92
I just checked your other posts. I am going to check your download from

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Re: download help

01-26-2013 05:18 PM in reply to: david.lau

I am having the same issue with the student download of autocad 2013 I need help bad...

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Re: download help

01-27-2013 02:13 PM in reply to: thengineer1

Hello Derrick and welcome to the community!


By same issue do you mean CRC error? If so, CRC errors are typically resolved by turning off firewalls, security settings, anti-virus software, changing browsers or by utilizing a different download method (Install Now, Download Now, or Browser Download).

Philip Schmelzer
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