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Design Accelerators and simulation/analysis tools not responding

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01-31-2013 05:23 PM

Hi, I am currently using a university's educational edition of Inventor 2013, and I have trouble trying to activate the built in design accelerators and simulation tools.


While the buttons appear to be active, none of the design accelerators under the design tab respond when I click on them. In addition, all of the simulation/analysis tools under the Environments Tab with the exception of "Convert to Weldment" and "Add-Ins" are "greyed-out" and unresponsive. Under the Add-Ins Manager, all of these tools appear to be loaded. I have tried multiple projects on multiple computers that have my university's educational edition of the software installed, but I have had no luck getting any of these tools to work.


Is there anything that must be done with the Inventor project before these tools can be activated, or is this an installation issue?


Any help resolving this issue would be very appreciated!

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Re: Design Accelerators and simulation/analysis tools not responding

01-31-2013 07:18 PM in reply to: aaronw050492

Sounds like an installtion issue. Hardware information is greatly required. If the O/S is Win8, this is an unsupported O/S currently. The latest SP1.1 will help.

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