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Installation & Licensing

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Design Academy 2013 licensing on Teacher Laptop

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02-11-2013 03:28 AM

Dear Autodesk Help-desk

This is the first time our school has received an 'all-in-one' USB to install Autodesk Design Academy 2013. In the past the software came on numerous DVD's. We as teachers selected the appropriate few programs from the suite and installed them on our (stand-alone) laptops [as well getting the Computer Technician to install them in a classroom as a 30 site license]. We teachers were then able to get onto Student community and find the appropriate serial and product keys for each individual program and register our laptop software via 'stand-alone'.


Here is my issue. I have installed the appropriate autodesk software using the 'all-in-one' setup file from the USB Design Academy 2013 (It has always been less time consuming then individually downloading each software from the student community site.)  Once installed on a 30 Day trial, I went to run Revit and also tried to activate it, however it seems the window prompt is only asking me for the Autodesk Design Academy 2013 License. (I have the school License of 30 Seats in front of me but I believe it is only for 30 Seats at school and I am not use it up on a teacher laptop.)   I then logged into Autodesk Student Community to find out that there is no option for me to find a Design Academy 2013 serial number and product key as a Educator/student type free license.


1. Am I not looking in the right spots?

2. Was I not suppose to use the Design Academy for installing on my School Laptop?

3. Will I have to Un-install All the Autodesk products and download each of them via Student Community?

4  Will I have issues now that I have already attempted installing it once on this computer ?


Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Design Academy 2013 licensing on Teacher Laptop

02-11-2013 03:58 AM in reply to: dcahi2

Hi dcahl2, 


Design Academy 2013 should ideally be installed on the schools' computers as it's intended for classroom use. If you wish to install some of the programs on your personal teacher's laptop, the best option is to register on the Education Community, download the specific programs you need and activate using the serial number provided by the Education Community.


Unless the activation was successful, you should not have any problems activating Design Academy on the 30 school computers your software is licensed for.



Camilo Lemos
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