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Communication Failure-Inventor 2013 Win7/64 Installation

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06-24-2013 09:50 AM

i am trying to install the Free trial  of Autodesk inventor  on Windows 7/64bit.  I repeatedly get an communication error.  i have disabled my firewall, deleted the downloaded files and re-downloaded them multiple times and I am still encountering the same error.  Can someone please help me out with this.


Thank you!

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Re: Communication Failure-Inventor 2013 Win7/64 Installation

06-24-2013 10:05 AM in reply to: lbarnes8760

My apologies for the inconvenience Lindsay.


As a workaround, can you please access the trial software through Matt, our Virtual Assistant.


From Matt: Download and Installation -> Software Download Links -> I need to redownload my product


Please accept as a solution if this fully resolves the issue, or reply with additional specifics if the problem persists.

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Re: Communication Failure-Inventor 2013 Win7/64 Installation

02-23-2014 12:04 AM in reply to: philip.s

I am so frustrated! My maya problem had regressed to the same if not similar problem to Ibrarnes8760's

I took my computer to the store today to get virus' removed and a tune up. I get it back and Maya no loger works saying there is a licenecing issue the same issue you see here:

So I tried a couple of sufestions:

"Solution" #1
1. Press the Windows button + r to start Run
2. Type ‘services.msc’
3. Click the ‘Standard’ tab
4. Find ‘FLEXnet Licensing…’
5. Right-click for ‘Stop’
6. Right-click again for properties
7. Set ‘Startup type’ to ‘Automatic’
8. Press ‘Start’
9. Apply and you are done!


"Solution" #2

installing Maya 2014 Service Pack 3


"Solution" #3

Deleting the Maya.env file


"Solution" #4

Trying to follow this guy's tutorial and delet all things maya before trying to reinstall the program again


So now I have this problem:



And I would try your solution but the ASK button we are suppose to click to even start downloads wont wont... Help? Please?

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