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Civil 2102 Custom Paths, Enterprise CUIX and Custom Toolbars.

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09-16-2011 07:23 AM

Our company has a few custom Toolbars and VBA scripts that are used at all sites on all Autodesk products (Acad, Map, Civil).  Until now it has always been easy to add the paths and the enterprise file when creating the deploymnt.  But the jackass developers removed this from Civil 2012.  One can add these paths after the program is opened but because they seem to have reorganized the hierarchy of the program it would have to be added for each profile (C3D_Metric, C3D_Imperial etc) and for every user.  A nightmare from a management standpoint.


So I found the 2 lines in the Users registry that control this and built a quick regedit for each user to run at their first sign on.


I have attached a doc describing what I did.

I have attached the final reg file  




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Re: Civil 2102 Custom Paths, Enterprise CUIX and Custom Toolbars.

09-22-2011 06:44 AM in reply to: rbeyer

Thanks for this tip/workflow.  I have given you a kudo.  I have also alerted the Civil team to check out this post.

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Re: Civil 2102 Custom Paths, Enterprise CUIX and Custom Toolbars.

01-15-2013 06:37 AM in reply to: david.lau

I guess the development team didn't listen because this is still an issue in the 2013 version of the software.  You should pass this issue along to them again.




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Re: Civil 2102 Custom Paths, Enterprise CUIX and Custom Toolbars.

01-28-2013 11:10 AM in reply to: david.lau

Would it possible to get some clarification on why these options were stripped from the C3D deployment?  Are there any plans for these options to be stripped from AutoCAD?  This seems like another instance of Autodesk breaking what worked and working against its users. 

Creating a deployment for C3D is mostly useless now.  What I want the deployment to be is a complete install and automated configuration of the software so I don’t have to come back after the install and repeat the same steps.  I would guess that 99% of the companies that use Autodesk products have some form of customization that is done.  I would like to see more options in the deployment to control more aspect of the program configuration.  I would also like the options set in the deployment to be baked into the default settings for all profiles so no matter what profile a user switches too, the company’s custom options and menus will always be present.  I appreciate Autodesk giving me some job security making more work for me to do, but I would rather be more efficient so I have time to do more for my users.

Kudos to Dylan for coming up with this process to fix what Autodesk broke, but it’s unfortunate that he had to come up with it in the first place.  I would love to be able to do a complete upgrade of all of the CAD software overnight and all the user would have to do is click the new icon.  I do not understand why something that I, along with other users, found useful was removed from the deployment wizard.  If Autodesk cares about its users I hope they will put it back and improve on it.


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