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Cant Install? Says already Installed, but previous attempts failed.

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02-13-2013 08:17 AM

The most recent installation attempt CLAIMED to be successful, but ALL Components failed to start.   Now, attempting to Install says installation successful - - - BUT only one component is listed;  NO Icons appear on the desktop!

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Re: Cant Install? Says already Installed, but previous attempts failed.

02-13-2013 01:31 PM in reply to: M.Red

Hello Michael! 


Have you checked your installation log to see what the potential holdup could be?

Philip Schmelzer
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Re: Cant Install? Says already Installed, but previous attempts failed.

02-14-2013 07:34 AM in reply to: philip.s

I have been trying to 'Install' this product for a couple of weeks.  Previously, the install(s) reported failure to install and "rolled back" (most of) the installation, leaving a number of folders and files,  I did manage to contact an actual Autodesk technician.  He worked on the problem for a while, finally saying the issue was with my computer / MS Installer of Registry entry.


I then sucessfully installed the package on another computer, suggesting the Autodesk tech was correct in stating hte issue was with the individual machine, not the installation media.


I then approached my instructor who researched trhe issue with the faculty and suggested a (potential) soloution to the (potential) regestry issue.  This APPEARED to improve the installation process, claiming the installation was successful.  HOWEVER, none of the components will actually start, uniformaly reporting the error cited.


I then ATTEMPTED to 'uninstall' the package, following the process suggested by the Autodesk tech (simply deleting the autodesk folders) and reinstalling the package. I DID note that the installation screen had flags on the components ("Installed"), but assumed the system would be able to simply re-do the install over the existing one.


MY BAD!  The installation log seems to be from the very earliest attempt to install this, and the only errors listed seem to be a missing "PDB" file continuing to state " ... debug information will not be available for .. " repeated numerous times throughout the log file.


Despite my machinations, my computer & Autodesk seem to agree that the system IS INSTALLED, and refuse any and all attempts to remedy this!  I am at my "wits end"

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