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Cannot Install Revit 2014

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06-04-2013 06:10 PM

I am trying to install Revit 2014. After downloaidng 210Mb exe file. I ran it and nothing happened at first.

After a few minutes I get a message that  some files cannot be created . Message asking me to reboot ?

I just started my machine and I am asked to reboot ?I tried it for many days already without sucess.


Autodesk screwed up and  use this new complicated installation process ! Please solve this soon.

The same error for Building Design Suite. It is not just Revit but probably all 2014 Autodesk products.


 Why Autodesk change to a new installation method. I am running windows 7 64 bit. 



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Re: Cannot Install Revit 2014

06-04-2013 07:56 PM in reply to: splaw



When you click on Install Now button and a Autodesk_Revit_2014_English_Win_32-64bit_wi_en-US_Setup.exe starts downloading then do not click anywhere on the web page,  do not refresh it and do not close it. Installer needs some data for the product which you have selected to Install, so you need to wait on that web page. 

Once the <...>_Setup.exe is downloaded, then click on it and wait for the installer to launch. Once the installer is launched, then you can close/refresh/click anywhere on the web page.

Please try these steps and send me a Private Message in case it still doesnt work.


Thanks for your patience.  

Thanks & Regards,
Ankush Ved

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Re: Cannot Install Revit 2014

06-11-2013 03:04 PM in reply to: ankushved



Me too.

I also cannot install Revit 2014 student version no matter how many times I try and after uninstalling previous Revit 2013.

Please tell me how to install.




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Re: Cannot Install Revit 2014

06-12-2013 06:10 AM in reply to: manami1523

I could downlad when I chose only few countries!!

Sorry, thank you.

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Re: Cannot Install Revit 2014

06-12-2013 07:11 AM in reply to: ankushved


 I have installed Revit 2014 in my office but no Families were on it this is what I have now done,

< Control Panel and Uninstall a Program and change Revit.

Choose the Add and Remove Features, check the content you want to install and choose Next. I am now waiting to see if this works, should the families be installed in revit when I open it next??? There was not even orientations set out in it when I opened it first.




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Re: Cannot Install Revit 2014

12-28-2013 07:03 PM in reply to: splaw

I have been trying to download revit 2014 student version on my laptop for 3 days now and it wont let me, I previously had a verision on my laptop that had issues so tried unistalling via control panel on windows, so I manually deleted all the files from the C drive and this still tells me that there is already a verison on my laptop when I try using the install now option.


I also have tried to download through browser option but this does not work and tells me the download will take 4 days, I have coursework due soon and wondered if anyone had any ideas how to solve this quickly







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Re: Cannot Install Revit 2014

01-30-2014 09:04 AM in reply to: malik.thomas2013

      I also have a new windows 8 laptop that I anm not able to install Revit 2014 student licence. I have connected to the sight, downloaded 3.01 gb of 3.01 gb, them it all the way to the last part of installing the material library and then proceeds to uninstall. I have been trying to install now for 3 days straight. I have tried turning off the firewall and the security scans but nothing seems to help. This is the worst download installation problem that I have ever seen.  Has anyone encountered this and gotten around it?

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Re: Cannot Install Revit 2014

01-30-2014 09:25 AM in reply to: mccluskeyeng
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Re: Cannot Install Revit 2014

03-22-2014 04:30 AM in reply to: splaw

I had to uninstall Revit and now I can't even find the 2014 version. There are links to 2014 updates but no link to the entire program. Also when I download previous versions, a message comes up that certain components not found and it won't even work.  What's going on with Autodesk?

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