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Can't Install Building Design Suite Premium 2014 - Trial

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07-29-2013 12:26 PM

Upon attempting to install the program (clicking on the Setup icon) I get the intro box image that shows the initializing progess bar. The bar does not progress or fill up.  I then get the following message:


Autodesk Install Now

Communication Failure

Download and installation has been interrupted by a lost connection between Autodesk and this computer.  The most likely causes are:  -The installation package was moved from the install location, which is not supported;  -The Autodesk download website was closed or manually refreshed before the intaller launched;  -A firewall has blocked the network ports.  Please address these issues if possible, return to the website, and then click again on Install Now, or use another download method: Download Now or Browser Download.



I believe I've responded to all the above suggestions and still can't seem to initialize the software. 

Could someone with experience in installation issues please respond to this message and help me to get the software up and functioning?  Thank you in advance.




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Re: Can't Install Building Design Suite Premium 2014 - Trial

07-29-2013 12:43 PM in reply to: davidfellows
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